Subscribing to Quotespec


1. Login: Log into the Quotespec Website at using the same account you signed up with.  Please note, this is not your Quotespec Trial Login.

2. Account: You can then manage your full account details and Purchase Quotespec.


3. Click “View Shop” on the Dashboard


4. Choose a product:  Your Trail product was Quotespec Pro which includes the ability to Upload Plans for Estimates & Take-Offs.  Click on “Select Options”  to choose a Plan.

5. Choose a Plan: Choose a Monthly or Yearly Plan. Once you have selected a plan, click on “Buy Now”


6. Check-Out: Check your Cart to make sure you are happy with the pricing and details.  GST will be added to the price if you are in Australia.   Click “Proceed to Checkout”


7. Billing: Enter Billing Details if required.  Choose your Payment Method and agree to the website terms and conditions. You can click on “terms and conditions” to read the full policy.  Once all information is complete, click on “Buy Now”

8. Good to go: Once payment is received, your account will be reactivated and you can log into Quotespec at